Ed Prankus
Drummer for


Izzy Bartok conjures up some really mean saucy sexy beats that hooks you with a twist of blues mixed with different afro sounds and unique lyrics, detailed, descriptive, intelligently written the listener can easily pick up a visual image. Izzy also known as ED Pranskus has been a drummer for over 40 years, also formerly of the band Thundermug. He comes back with a punch, twist and addictive sound that keeps your toes tapping, fingers snapping and dancing. Each song is different breathes a new life of beats on its own, and the lyrics will have the listener singing along, an addictive quality like a drug that stays implanted your mind.


Mike McKyes, the founder and owner of The Grove Productions, is a graduate of the Music Industry Arts program with over fifteen years experience of full time professional employment in the music industry as a touring artist, writer and producer. One of the greatest attributes he observed and enjoyed in people he worked with over the years was in producers who understood the nature of the artist and music.